Cheshire Slate is a highly qualified, experienced and successful reclamation company. We offer a wide selection of reclaimed roofing products and roofing services with our modern code of practice and our good business ethics. Throughout this booklet we will show you how we have brought selling and stripping slates into the twenty-first century. All our workers are highly qualified from management down to our stripping operatives in all the various aspects of their jobs. At Cheshire Slate we pride ourselves on the way we remove slates, implementing our own health and safety policy and in accordance with the HSE`s high standards. We know that in the last decade or so the view was that ‘strippers’ would climb on a roof with no scaffolding or edge protection and have no respect for health and safety not just for themselves but also for the people below. Here at Cheshire Slate health and safety is paramount for all our workers and for the public. To comply with this we ensure all our workers have all the necessary qualifications, cards and above all awareness and common sense.

The second half of Cheshire Slate and Tile Limited is in the construction industry. We work with various demolition contractors to source large batches of Reclaimed Welsh Slate. We work all over the North West and only acquire the highest of quality Welsh Roofing Slate.
We have a large team who carefully strip off the Welsh Slate making sure that each Welsh Slate is not damaged and has retained their small holes.
All of our operatives have extensive training ranging from working at heights to CSCS cards approved by the HSE.

The qualifications and certificates for the company and all our workers are as follows:

  • Companies insurance and public liability policy
  • Our own Company Health and Safety policy
  • Management Occupational Health and Safety, City and Guilds NVQ level 3
  • All Slate operatives have all passed the CSCS health and safety test and have their cards
  • Supervisors also have CPCS Telehandler operative cards
  • MEWP Certificates and cards
  • Working at Heights ATS-WH Certificates
  • Competency Inspection/ Wearing of Safety Harnesses certificates ATS-I/WSH
  • Asbestos awareness certificates

Value for money!

Every time we provide our stripping service to a roofing/cladding company they are overwhelmed by the level of professionalism and work rate that our operatives maintain. They cannot believe they have never used our service to strip their roofs. The amount of time and therefore money they save by using our service is unrivalled. We say that stripping roofs is a skilled job in its own right. As stripping is our speciality, we can guarantee that we would salvage up to 45% more slates than if a roofer were to strip them again saving you time and money. As part of our work we remove all battens/debris and de-nail. LET YOUR ROOFER ROOF! LET US DO THE REST. Our work is to the highest standard and we ensure that the working area is always tidy including sweeping all scaffolds and making sure all gardens and residential areas are clean and free from any hazards. For this specialist, unique service we will actually pay you if the slates are salvageable. We have provided this service to many large roofing and builders contractors in the northwest including:

  • Sir Alfred Mcalpine
  • Bass Construction
  • Wates Construction
  • Allied Roofing
  • Herbert T Forest
  • Avonside Roofing
  • Oldham Borough Council
  • Manchester City Council