In our slate yard based in Stockport just off the M60 (junction 1). We specialise in Welsh Reclaimed Roofing Slates. We pride ourselves on acquiring the highest quality Welsh Reclaimed Roofing slates through our own team of professional slate removal operatives.

  • All our Reclaimed Slates are Welsh also known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of Slates
  • Every Crate of Reclaimed Welsh Roofing slates are sourced, stripped and packed by us.
  • For every crate of Reclaimed Welsh Roofing slate we sell we will guarantee that there will be no more than 2% breakage in each crate.

When buying Reclaimed Welsh Slates from Cheshire Slate you get peace of mind that the slates are what you are paying for. With Welsh slate our customers get what they are paying for which is a natural slate that is going to last for over 500 years.

We are aware that other Slate suppliers are trying to sell imported Natural Roofing slates off on the pretence that they are almost identical to Welsh Slate. Imported Slates especially Chinese slates NEVER retain their colour and in time NEVER resemble Reclaimed Welsh Roofing Slate.

Imported Natural Windsor Roofing Slate is a far inferior product when it come to Reclaimed Welsh Slate. Natural Windsor Roofing Slate will discolour, it is very brittle and its life span is not even half of reclaimed Welsh Slate.

If you think you are getting a better deal buying new, imported, cheaper, slate you are in fact not. Reclaimed Welsh Slate will out live any other slate that had been imported to the UK this is fact!!

The different types of slates/materials we stock are

  • Welsh sized slates
  • Welsh tonne/random slates
  • Yorkshire sandstone slates
  • Burlingtons
  • Westmoorland Green slates
  • 10×6 Rosemary tiles (most shades)
  • French pan tiles
  • A massive selection ridge tiles
  • Chimney pots small to very large

We also sell Croma Vent 3 50m x 1m roofing felt, 38×25, 50×25 battens.

As with Slate the price depends on the quality, quantity and size. For enquires about prices please don’t hesitate to call for a competitive quote.

We have a really good matching service that is ideal for extensions that join onto existing buildings, all we need is a sample of the slate you need matching into and we will find you a near perfect match from our large selection of slates.