Burlington Roof Slates 24x14

We are due to strip of 255m2 of grade a quality Burlington Slates. These are sized Burlington (24×14) which would still look like a traditional Burlington slate but will save a lot of time and money to due to how fast they cane be laid. These were fixed with copper nails and a like new they’re that solid.

Tuileries De Beavaise

We have approximately 2500 French Tuileries De Beavaise tiles in stock all from the same roof in excellent condition.

500 house contract in Manchester

We have acquired a large contract in Manchester with over 500,00 slates coming in over the coming months. Most slate sizes are available and they in a welsh blue colour. Slates were fixed with copper nails, retaining their original hole. 5-8mm.

40 Ton of grade Burlington Slates

We have recently stripped of 40 ton of grade A Burlington Slates from a site in Bradford, Yorkshire. As with all of our stock we strip, quality check and box all of our own slates, this puts us in the unique position of being able to guarantee each slate. Approximately 800m2 coverage.

120,000 20x10 slates

We have 120,000 slates or 9230m2 of 20x10 slates. Excellent quality, original nail holes and a good medium thickness. The actual slates are in the picture.

Welsh Random Diminishing Slates

We have 100 ton of Welsh random roofing slates. The sizes are all individually boxed in to 24" 26" 28" 30" 32" 34".

20,000 20x10 medium thickness

20,000 20x10 slates all crated up and ready to go. Excellent quality slates, medium thickens and the original nail holes.

Yorkshire Stone

We have 90 tonne of grade A quality Yorkshire Stone roofing slates.