40 Ton of grade Burlington Slates

We have recently stripped of 40 ton of grade A Burlington Slates from a site in Bradford, Yorkshire. As with all of our stock we strip, quality check and box all of our own slates, this puts us in the unique position of being able to guarantee each slate. Approximately 800m2 coverage.

4500 20x12

Due to start 17/02/2021 4500 excellent quality 20x12 reclaimed Welsh Slates.


10,000, 24x12 and 24x14 slates in pristine condition. These slates have are from the same roof and are of medium thickness.

Yorkshire Stone

We have 90 tonne of grade A quality Yorkshire Stone roofing slates.

24x12 12/02/2021

We have 15,000 excellent quality 24x12 slates in a medium grade. These have all come from the same building, they were fixed with copper nails which allows for an easy removal and retaining their original nail holes.

700 Reclaimed red Marley Bold Roll Tiles

As the title suggests we have 700 Red Marley Bold Roll Tiles