As a company we know that today the environment and green issues are also very important. Here at Cheshire Slate and Tile we try very hard to recycle all our waste and send as little as possible to landfill sites. All our waste from our sites are separated and sent to various centres to be recycled. Values like these have enabled us to get contracts with various Councils across various Boroughs including Oldham, Blackburn with Darwen and Manchester.

We work closely with a number of successful, large demolition contractors, roofing contractors and local councils to source our Reclaimed Welsh Slates straight from our many sites. Acquiring our Reclaimed Welsh Slates this way ensures that we only stock slates of the highest quality, with four solid corners, two complete nail holes and a face free of flakes. Obtaining our Reclaimed Welsh Slates this way also cuts out the many middle men associated with buying Reclaimed Welsh Slates which cuts costs which we can then pass on to our customers. Another advantage of us doing large demolition contracts are that we have a large number of Reclaimed Welsh Slates all sourced from the same roof which takes away the frustration of running out of the same Reclaimed Welsh Slates halfway through a job.

Cheshire Slate and Tile Limited specialize in all types of reclaimed natural slates in Stockport and Manchester. We stock a vast selection of reclaimed Welsh, Westmorland, Burlington and Welsh Toners slate.

We are proud of the fact we strip our slates locally (northern slates are thicker 5-12mm) and quality check every slate before it gets packed in to our crates. This enables us to guarantee that beyond the odd breakage in transport every slate will be usable.

Be aware of other slate sellers who buy their slates from other sellers and are sold as seen with no way of replacing large quantities of broken slates after the delivery has taken place. Other tricks used are

  • Excellent slates at the top of the crates with damaged, unusable slates underneath hidden from view.
  • Cheap imported slates given British (Dutches, Windsor,Cooper) sounding names to sell at a higher price.
  • Slates that are matched to the customers sample are different to the slates delivered to site.
  • Local slate sellers source their slates from down south which are significantly thinner (3mm). They have the nails pushed through when stripping off resulting in slates that need to be re holed

We pride ourselves on our honestly and years of experience in the reclamation industry.

All goods remain the property of the vendors until such goods are paid for in full. Delivery dates are given in good faith but we are unable to accept responsibility for any delay.

Conditions of Sale
Goods should be examined on arrival and any damage, shortage or any other complaint made known to the driver.
Written confirmation of any complaint is required within three working days of the arrival of goods.
Deliveries are to the nearest point of access to the public highway.
We accept no responsibility for any damage cause by vehicles instructed to enter customer’s property to be unloaded.
Any damaged goods not returned at the time of delivery must be retained pending further instructions.
All cost incurred through cheques having to be represented will be charged to the drawer.
Any deposits made are non-refunded after 21 days.